Growing up, I was never one of those students who received straight-As, participated in school organizations, joined teams, or participated in a high school summer immersion program at prestigious universities like Harvard or Columbia. In fact, I was the one who fell asleep in classes, did horrendously at math, frequently spent time alone, and faced other issues of my own. Entering early adulthood, I grew up and out of my own issues. I faced my fears and challenges by becoming more motivated to succeed in life.

Currently, I am a student who finally attends a four year school right in the heart of New York City. There are still many challenges and fears I face everyday as a student and over time, I have noticed that I am not alone. There are many students who have difficulty fitting in, doing well, and getting through college. Therefore, I decided to create this blog to help students like myself with problems or situations they may encounter. Call me LL or your student counselor.

The Gist Of This Blog:

  • To help students achieve their goals.
  • To provide tips in regards to college, assignments, job searches, etc.
  • To be your friend when there is no one else to turn to.
  • Perhaps also to reduce your stress and anxiety in some ways.


*Many of the content are my own ideas but may reflect content from other blogs or articles. Most of the images provided in this blog will be sourced from other websites Рor they may be my own.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments; please feel free to contact me.



Your Student Counselor, LL.